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Dursley – Thornbury – Bristol East

Our Mission

We strongly believe with the right passion and drive; anyone can achieve what they want from life. We are passionate about creating a safe space for everyone to not only learn Tae Kwon Do, but also help build self-belief and confidence, helping to achieve their goals in martial arts, fitness and life in general.

About Us

We are a Tae Kwon Do School with clubs running in Dursley, Thornbury and Bristol East offering the highest standard of martial arts tuition, we welcome new or returning members, old and young of all abilities. If you wish to train for self-defence, personal fitness, competition or any other aspect of our varied martial art, you’re welcome to join our friendly class’s and give Tae Kwon Do a try.

We are members of the Tae Kwon Do Association of Great Britain, which is the largest martial arts association in Europe. With over 25,000 members in over 450 clubs nationwide we provide you with high-quality tuition, regularly run national competitions, seminars and training camps. We have the added benefits of high profile events, as well as a fun, safe and exciting way to get fit and meet people.

Our Classes

Come and join us and give Tae Kwon Do a try. All we will require is a completed License application form, to cover your insurance whilst you are training.

We do not ask you to complete any form of contract. Fees are payable monthly and allow you to train at any other T.A.G.B. club in the South West area.

If you wish to come along and give Tae Kwon Do a try, please get in touch and call Master Ben Temple on 07825369487 email  who’ll be happy to answer any questions. Or complete the Contact Us now form at the bottom of this page.

Our Instructors

Chief instructor of Temple’s Tae Kwon Do, Ben started training in 1994. under the instruction of Master Michael Dew, 9th Degree Black Belt (Vice Chairman of the T.A.G.B.)

Ben has been teaching since he was 13 years old and gained a wealth of knowledge after training with instructors from all around the area. In October 2020 Ben became the youngest T.A.G.B Master in the Area.

Contact Us